Funding Programs

Tribal Council Funding

About: The program provides core operational funding to eligible tribal councils to enable them to develop the capacity of their member First Nations, as well as deliver programs and services as mandated by their member First Nations.  By using a consistent national approach to funding tribal councils, the program strengthens transparency and accountability of the tribal council to its member First Nations and ensures that resources are directed towards the more efficient and effective delivery of programs, services and capacity development.


Tribal councils are eligible if they have:

  • been clearly mandated to govern by band councils or an equivalent executive body of member First Nations


  • agreed to deliver services or capacity development to member First Nations, as designated by their member First Nations

Deadline: Contact your regional office

How to apply:

Tribal councils must apply annually using the Tribal Council Consolidated Application for Funding and the Tribal Council Consolidated Work Plan, which are available on the Proposals, Applications, Workplans web site. For a work plan to be accepted, the tribal council must plan on delivering services or developing capacity. Work plans consisting of only core administrative costs will not be accepted.


University and College Entrance Preparation Program

About: This program aims to increase the number of First Nations and Inuit students with the academic level required for entrance into post-secondary programs.

Financial assistance may be provided for a maximum of one year of studies in the form of:

  • tuition support for part-time and full-time students that may include required fees, tuition and the cost of books and supplies required for courses
  • travel support for full-time students who must leave their permanent place of residence to attend their university or college entrance program
  • living allowances for full-time students to help cover the costs of food, shelter, local transportation and daycare


  • Treaty and Status First Nations post-secondary students who have resided in Canada for 12 consecutive months before the date of their application
  • Inuit post-secondary students who have resided in Canada for 12 consecutive months before the date of their application, but who reside outside their territory and are no longer eligible to be funded by their territory.

Students must also obtain a statement from the post-secondary institution offering their program of study confirming that:

  • the UCEPP will provide the student with the necessary courses to attain the academic level for university or college entrance
  • the student will be eligible to be accepted as a student of a regular university or college credit program upon successful completion of the UCEPP course of studies

Students in UCEPP must not have previously received financial support through Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (now ISC) for post-secondary programs.

Deadline: Please contact your local band office

How to apply: Students who want to pursue post-secondary studies and access available funding programs should contact their local band office, Inuit designated organization for post-secondary education funding or ISC regional office.


Urban Programming for Indigenous Peoples

About: UPIP is designed to assist First Nations (status and non-status), Inuit and Métis living in or transitioning to urban centres. An urban centre is considered to be an urban area having a population of at least 1,000 people and a population density of no fewer than 400 people per square kilometre. Funding is also available for organizations that serve rural and northern areas that act as hubs for those living on reserves or in smaller northern settlements.


Recipients must be located in an urban centre

All initiatives and projects must advance the objectives of Urban Programming for Indigenous Peoples

In addition, all non-Indigenous organizations, including municipal governments, health and education authorities and institutions, require demonstrated support from Indigenous organizations or Indigenous community groups to be eligible for funding.

Deadlines: N/A

How to apply:

Each stream of UPIP funding has its own application process.

Urban Programming for Indigenous Peoples Funding Application (PAW# 9744235)