West Moberly First Nations Cheif Roland Wilson

HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. – West Moberly First Nations Chief, Roland Wilson, went to social media to express his concerns over the Caribou Engagement Sessions.

In his post on Facebook, Wilson says no one is talking about the jobs that are being created by this agreement, adding that everyone is only focusing on the jobs that will be lost.

“No one is talking about all the jobs that are being created by this agreement. Only about the ones that might be lost, we focused on minimizing impacts and restrictions to only those areas where the caribou are.”

According to Wilson, the Province is doing “nothing to alleviate those fears and explain what’s going on.”

Wilson is appreciative that the current Government is taking action on the matter, compared to the previous Government.

“You can thank the previous B.C. Government for this! At least the current Government is trying to fix it, instead of ignoring the problem!”

Energeticcity.ca made an effort to reach Wilson for further comment but was unsuccessful at the time of this article.

Author Scott Brooks