Affiliated First Nations


The ethno-linguistic grouping within the eight First Nations includes Sicannie (Sikanni), Slavey, Beaver (Dunne-za), Cree, and Saulteau.

Doig River First Nation

Doig River First Nation takes its name from the Doig River running through the reserve. It has strong ties with Blueberry River First Nation. Facilities available on the reserve include a large Administrative and Cultural Centre (opened in July 2003), a learning centre, a convenience store, and a day care (in progress). Every July, Doig River First Nation hosts a weekend rodeo on its rodeo grounds.

Linguistic Group: Beaver (Dunne-za)


» Chief: Trevor Makadahay

» Councillor: Brittany Brinkworth

» Councillor: Kelvin Davis Jr.

» Councillor: Garry Oker


Box 56

Rose Prairie, BC V0C 2H0

PH: 250-827-3776

EMAIL: [email protected]


Halfway River First Nation

Originally from Chowade River (Stony River), Halfway River First Nation was the last nation to move to its new location in the early sixties. The Nation was once the Hudson Hope Band formed with West Moberly First Nations and Halfway River First Nation. The communities separated in 1977.

Facilities available on the reserve include the band office, a community hall, a health clinic, a band school, and the lands office.

The community is located 75 km northwest of Fort St. John, BC. Travel to Mile 95 of the Alaska Highway, turn in on Road 117, and drive 35 km to reach the community.

Linguistic Group: Beaver (Dunne-za)


» Chief: Darlene Hunter

» Councillor: Joyce Achla

» Councillor: Linda Brady

» Councillor: William Field

» Councillor: Jerry Hunter

» Councillor: Maizie Metecheah

» Councillor: Lori Wokeley


Box 59

Wonowon, BC V0C 2N0

PH: 250-772-5058

EMAIL: [email protected]


Prophet River First Nation

Prophet River First Nation is located 100 km south of Fort Nelson on the world-famous Alaska Highway Mile 233. The reserve is 924 acres in size.

Linguistic Group: Beaver (Dunne-za)


» Chief: Kirk Tsakoza

» Councillor: Jacqueline Reno

» Councillor: Bev Stager


Box 3250

Fort Nelson, BC V0C 1R0

PH: 250-773-6555

EMAIL: [email protected]

Saulteau First Nations

Saulteau First Nations originated from Manitoba and was formed by the amalgamation of Beaver, Cree, and Saulteau residents. Saulteau First Nations is affiliated with Treaty 8 Tribal Association.

Facilities available on the reserve include the band office/hall, a health centre, a daycare, a teen centre, and a learning centre.

The community is located at the east end of Moberly Lake, which is about 100 km southwest of Fort St. John on Highway 29. There is one reserve, East Moberly Lake No.169, spread over 3025.8 hectares.

Linguistic Group: Saulteau, Beaver, and Cree


» Chief: Justin Napoleon

» Councillor: Ken Cameron

» Councillor: Juritha Owens

» Councillor: Rudy Paquette

» Councillor: Falon Gauthier


Box 1020

Chetwynd, BC V0C 1J0

PH: 250-788-3955

EMAIL: [email protected]


West Moberly First Nations

West Moberly First Nations was originally part of the Hudson Hope Band, which split into West Moberly and Halfway River Bands in 1977. West Moberly First Nations is covered by Treaty 8. Facilities available on the reserve include the band administration office, the leadership offices, the lands management building, a community health centre, a childcare centre and the Dunne-za Lodge.

The community is located at the West end of Moberly Lake, approximately 90 km southwest of Fort St. John. It has one reserve situated on 2033.6 hectares.

Linguistic Group: Beaver and Cree


» Chief: Roland Willson

» Councillor: Theresa Davis

» Councillor: Asher Atchiqua

» Councillor: Robyn Fuller

» Councillor: Clarence Willson


Box 90

Moberly Lake, BC V0C 1X0

PH: 250-788-3663

EMAIL: [email protected]

Fort Nelson First Nation

The Fort Nelson First Nation (FNFN) community is located 7 km south of the town of Fort Nelson in the northeastern corner of British Columbia; the community is located at Mile 293-295 on the Alaska Highway.

The Nation has roughly 638 band members living on and off-reserve. It is one of six nations that belong to Treaty 8 Tribal Association.

The Nation houses many departments such as Administration, Health & Wellness, Family Services, Lands and Resources, Housing, Finance, Capital Works, Chalo School (K-12, ABE), Dehzona Family Centre (Head Start and Daycare), Economic Development and the Justice Department. Over 100 staff help facilitate and implement the programs set forth to meet the needs of the Fort Nelson First Nation community.

Linguistic Group: Slavey/Cree/Dene


» Chief: Sharleen Gale

» Councillor: Lycrecia Adin

» Councillor: Patricia Capot-Blanc

» Councillor: Roberta Dendys

» Councillor: Harvey Behn

» Councillor: Cynthia Burke

» Councillor: Aaron Dendys


RR1 Mile 295 Alaska Hwy

Fort Nelson, BC V0C 1R0

PH: 250-774-7257

EMAIL: [email protected]

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